Arche Warder educational centre

The project:

Arche Warder was founded in the late 90s in Warder and is Europe’s largest zoo for rare and endangered livestock breeds. Arche Warder welcomes around 80,000 guests per year on the 40 hectare site.
In order to expand the possibilities for their educational work, Arche Warder has been planning the implementation of an “educational centre” for several years. Here, visitors will not only learn more about the development history of humans and livestock, but will also be able to experience the content and special features from many sides, especially in close connection with the open-air sites and enclosures in the park.
An initial feasibility study was carried out in 2009, which dealt with market opportunities, financial parameters and initial conceptual considerations. The park and various experts have developed a number of approaches and ideas for the themes and implementation on this basis in recent years.

The task:

In autumn 2018, Erlebniskontor was commissioned to develop an updated market analysis. By March 2019, the financial framework conditions had been determined, and the area and concept approaches were also checked for feasibility. Furthermore, in close coordination with the park and the regional economic development agency, proposals for possible financing approaches and an outlook on further project steps were devised.