Andernach Geyser Adventure Centre

The project:

The visit to the Geyser Adventure Centre begins at a depth of 400 metres. From here, the visitor accompanies a CO2 molecule from the earth’s interior to the bubbling water fountain. Using all senses, the visitor experiences what happens under the earth before the geyser erupts. The visit continues with a real boat trip to the geyser. The geyser eruption can be observed here at regular intervals, rounding off the unusual visitor experience.

The task:

The town and region of Andernach are dominated by the Middle Rhine, the Volcano Park, the Laacher Lake Geopark and, first and foremost, by the world’s highest cold water geyser. Against the background of the necessary tourist profiling and valorisation, around 8.5 million euros were invested in a new visitor centre (including tourist information) and better access to the geyser in 2009.

Erlebniskontor was commissioned to develop a feasibility study and a concept idea in order to get the project off the ground. In addition, Erlebniskontor was entrusted with the exhibition concept, design and project realisation of the new visitor centre.

The visitor programme, which runs from April to October, started in 2009 with around 80,000 guests. To date, this number has increased to around 140,000 visitors. The visitor forecast and the cost / revenue calculation prepared by Erlebniskontor are still very accurate today.