Meyer Werft Visitor Centre

The project:

MEYER WERFT is one of the most modern, leading shipping companies in the world. When a cruise ship leaves Papenburg via the Ems, media interest is high. The appeal of shipbuilding makes the MEYER WERFT visitor centre one of the leading leisure attractions in Northern Germany.

The task:

MEYER WERFT has been open to visitors since the early 1990s. Guests have included many tour groups and tourists from across the country ever since. Interest was so great from the outset that it created capacity bottlenecks and noise issues. Thus a visitor centre was opened in 2002, which was extensively overhauled in 2014/15 with an investment of 2.3 million euros.

Erlebniskontor was not only able to redevelop the concept, but also to accompany all the stages of implementation. The result is a completely new visitor centre with innovative media technology and impressive room installations. Nine exhibition areas now offer space for visitors. Several visitor guides can communicate the different facets of shipbuilding in a clear and understandable way without being disturbed by the other guides. Guests can admire the models of the ocean giants and observe nautical maps of where they are currently on the seas via live tracker. Multimedia film productions give an insight into the technology of the cruise giants. The centrepiece is the panoramic live view into the building dock, where the cruise ships are built live.

As part of the modernisation project, the infrastructure for coach companies was also optimised. The “floating classroom” was set up for pupils in grades 1-5. Various experimental stations such as a flow basin and a dock with controls help to convey learning content in a clear and engaging way.