ADAC Stiftung Roadshow „Verkehrswelt“

The project:

Accident prevention is one of the Focus topics of the ADAC Foundation. In order to raise young people’s awareness of road hazards, the Project “Verkehrswelt” (Traffic World) was launched in 2012. Traffic world is a roadshow that tours Germany every year between March and October and stops at schools as well as at public events.

The task:

In 2018, Erlebniskontor was commissioned to redesign the roadshow. In the newly revised roadshow “Verkehrswelt” of the ADAC Foundation, young people between the ages of 14 and 17 can walk through four tents within 90 minutes and learn the risks and the dangers of road traffic. They take into the perspective of motorists, scooter drivers and pedestrians. From wearing Drunk Busters Impairment Goggles™ or goggles to experiencing scenarios in VR, young people can test themselves in interactive games. In cooperation with Wissenswelten Management GmbH, Erlebniskontor took over the concept development as well as project realization and supervised the tour.