“Park of Gardens” Visitor and Educational Centre

The project:

The “Park der Gärten” (Park of Gardens) originated during the state horticultural show in 2002, and is now one of the most beautiful parks in Germany. Spanning an area of 140,000 m², every generation of garden and countryside enthusiast will find inspiration for their own garden with regional flora and fauna, they can delve into plant life or simply spend a relaxing day with friends and family. The Visitor Centre was set up in 2013 where a permanent exhibition was planned to arouse interest in the park.

The task:

Erlebniskontor was able to assist the Visitor Centre in the following areas: creating the concept, exhibition design and implementation as well as applying for grants and looking for sponsors. An experiential exhibition known as “Green Treasure Trove” was the result, which allowed experts and beginners alike to immerse themselves in the topic of botany. Six different exhibition areas featuring interactive exhibits gave the visitor an insight into the fascinating world of plants and a desire to go on an expedition through nature. These activities were extended by means of a further educational and experiential exhibition which was inaugurated in 2018 “Healthy soil–healthy water”. The small exhibition area covering 20m² takes the visitor on a trip underground: visitors are at eye level with soil organisms, and can use interactive exhibits to understand the important functions of intact soil, not least for safeguarding our drinking water. The approach used to get the information across is geared towards the senses –  anchoring information and giving food for thought – also encouraging the visitor to take action.