“Blue classroom” Educational Center

The project:

The OOWV water board provides drinking water for more than one million people in and around Jade and is responsible for wastewater disposal for approx. 500,000 residents. It plays a key part in providing its members in the region – including communes, boroughs/or admin districts and towns –with a high quality of life.

The task:

An originally preserved pumped-storage plant, which dates back to 1956, offers an area of 1,000 m² exhibition area over six floors. A permanent exhibition is planned which will give an exciting insight into how drinking water was provided in the past, how it is provided nowadays, and what it will be like in the future. An interactive exhibition was designed and developed in stages, which presents the origins of the regional provider of drinking water using visual means, thereby presenting how the OOWV came into being. The visitor is immersed in an era where turning on a tap to get drinking water was not a matter of course, and where the lack of good drinking water shaped the everyday routine of people. The visitors are made aware of the key factors in making use of this essential commodity. Historic exhibits are combined with areas which encourage the visitor to become involved, making use of their senses as well as using media stations. The tour around the building culminates at a former reservoir which focuses on the theme “household water”.

Further, there is also the “blue classroom” which is a modern place of learning outside the school classroom. The concept of getting involved by means of workshops, a multi-media quiz, talk show or role play is adaptable depending on the level of knowledge on the subject and can be directed to different age groups ranging from a school outing to a works event. For instance, the workshop “virtual water − why should this concern me?” enables the participants to become experts in the field of global water trading and to develop their TV talk show.