National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald

The project:

The Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park crosses state borders (Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate) and is the 16th German national park, opened in May 2015. In order to familiarise visitors with the park and its diversity, three information centres with different focal points are planned. They will act as an actual and, above all, thematic entrance to the National Park. The only entrance gate on the Saarland side is in Nonnweiler.

The task:

Erlebniskontor was entrusted with a basic study. Besides a feasibility study with a visitor forecast, this also included the financial and organisational aspects (investment cost estimate, ongoing operations and financing models).

Part of the study was also to elaborate a sketch of ideas for the experiential exhibition, which introduce visitors to the phenomenon of protected primeval forest and, at the same time, present and convey the rich Celtic cultural history of the region. Getting lots of participants and topics into one place, or under one roof, and reconciling them with one another, as well as enabling national park issues to be dealt with even beyond state borders, is a challenge. We tackled this in joint workshops and in close cooperation with the public infrastructure company, LEG Saar, the municipality and district, Saarland forest and tourist associations, as well as other partners.

In 2015, the analysis of the framework conditions for the implementation of various visitor centres as “portals to the national park or national park gates” on the Rhineland-Palatinate side followed. Here, too, Erlebniskontor examined the locations, possible topics and economic and organisational framework conditions. The necessities and requirements for the marketing and networking of the various new gates was a further focal point. With the new exhibition in Hunsrückhaus, the first gate was officially opened at the end of 2018. The new visitor centre in Nonnweiler am Keltenpark will follow by 2020.

Together with our partner company PROFUND Consult, we also advised the municipality of Nonnweiler on the development of a tourism concept in 2018. Using the analysis of the framework conditions and taking current trends and requirements in tourism into account, strategies for Nonnweiler and action plans for Peterberg and the Peterberg leisure centre were compiled.