Jahrtausendturm Magdeburg

The project:

The Jahrtausendturm (millennium tower) has been a landmark in Magdeburg since the Federal Horticultural Show in 1999 and is also the showpiece of the Elbauenpark. Since then, the exhibition has displayed the history of technology and science spanning 6,000 years on various levels of the tower, but is in good need of renovation and a new makeover.

The task:

In early 2018, Erlebniskontor worked with the client to develop an initial sketch of ideas that included new approaches for the storyline, design elements and new exhibits for both the indoor and outdoor areas based on a SWOT analysis. Reducing and pooling the signposting and texts formed a major part of improving the aesthetics, along with expanding and revitalising the concept (emotional address, signage etc.).