Klimahaus© Bremerhaven 8°Ost

The project:

In the Klimahaus (Climate House), visitors embark on a journey around the world. Along the 8th line of longitude, they experience the climate zones of the earth directly. With temperature differences of over 40 degrees, travellers get to know countries and people, and observe the effects of climate change on their everyday lives. Special exhibitions, restaurants and interactive exhibition areas (weather studio, offshore centre etc.) complete the facilities.

The task:

At the end of the 1990s, a master plan was drawn up to develop the destination and strengthen Bremerhaven’s competitiveness as a tourist destination. At the centre of the overall development of Alter/Neuer Hafen (old/new port) was the implementation of a location-related, authentic and unique attraction as a flagship: the Klimahaus© Bremerhaven 8°Ost. Its unusual concept and high investment volume meant that thorough validation using comprehensive studies was necessary. Erlebniskontor was entrusted with the financial feasibility study, including market analysis, visitor forecasting and a concept study. The cost/revenue calculation prepared by Erlebniskontor and the visitor volume forecast were very accurate on average over the first ten years of operation.

In addition to the study, Erlebniskontor was asked to provide support and run the project implementation, as well as supporting the operational set-up. Since the opening, the concept development and realisation of the “Creatures of Prehistory” special exhibition and the “Offshore Center” permanent exhibition have been carried out. The latter allows visitors to experience the life cycle of an offshore wind farm in five exhibition areas: from the planning to the finished wind farm.

The Klimahaus© Bremerhaven 8°Ost is still one of the North Sea coast’s tourist highlights, and an important part of Bremerhaven’s overall offering for tourists due to its size, execution and the theme (weather and climate change), which remains highly topical.