Chocoversum by Hachez Brand Experience

The project:

In CHOCOVERSUM by HACHEZ, visitors follow the path of cocoa – from cultivation to the finished chocolate bar. The individual production steps are demonstrated on the vintage machines used to make the chocolate by the manufacturer from Bremen, HACHEZ. In December 2011, CHOCOVERSUM by HACHEZ was opened in the old part of Hamburg’s central district, but guests in the first year of operation only totalled 62,000, which was way below the anticipated figures.

The task:

In September 2012, the operation was assigned to Wissenswelten Management GmbH with the aim of achieving and ensuring long-term profitability of the business. Ensuring that visitors enjoyed themselves was at the heart of the restructuring process. All the exhibits and structural conditions were achieved, but the visitor concept was changed from one of free-flow to guided tours. Today, all visitors are escorted around the exhibition in tours lasting 90 minutes. At the same time, a highlight was incorporated into the visitor programme: the chocolate workshop where each guest can create their own bar of chocolate. The new exhibition concept meets the needs of attaining a more personal and individual approach, and has heightened visitor satisfaction considerably. Key positions in the organisational chart were taken over by Wissenswelten Management GmbH. With targeted marketing and sales activities, new target groups were exploited, especially in the group segment. In addition, a substantial increase in income was attained by reviewing the shop concept. The number of visitors went up by around 40% in the first 12 months. This positive development is continuing to the current day, meaning that CHOCOVERSUM is now able to welcome more than 220,000 visitors every year. In 2016, structural investments were made in order to modernise the premises and expand capacity.

Wissenswelten Management GmbH continues to run CHOCOVERSUM as a partner alongside HACHEZ. The core team comprises 13 staff, who look after the profitability and optimise visitor satisfaction on a daily business by means of measures such as updating process chains, service design, staff coaching and the introduction of a flexible price system (yield management).