Chocoversum brand experience

The project:

In Hamburg’s Chocolate Museum, visitors follow the path of cocoa from cultivation to the finished chocolate bar. The individual stages of production are demonstrated on Hachez’s vintage machines. In December 2011, the CHOCOVERSUM was opened in Hamburg’s old part of the city.


The task:

In 2015, Erlebniskontor was commissioned to redesign the exhibition halls and the foyer. Large parts of the permanent exhibition were revamped and, in addition to a fresh design, several new highlights were introduced. One of the world’s largest chocolate fountains, with 90 kg of liquid chocolate, is extremely popular.

Large-scale murals and scenery allow visitors to immerse themselves in the worlds of a port and a rainforest. Each visitor can take a 90-minute guided tour through the exhibition and, as a highlight, can create their own chocolate bar in the newly designed chocolate workshop.

During the redesign, special attention was paid to the functional areas. As part of this project, an additional room was created which will be used for special events.