BMW World Junior Programme

The project:

The BMW World and BMW Museum focus on children and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 18. Creative workshops, interactive tours and unusual events for the whole family encourage the imagination and curiosity, convey technical know-how and trigger a sense of creating things.

The task:

In 2010 Wissenswelten Management GmbH was assigned with drafting a new concept for the Junior programmes and exhibits in the BMW Welt and in the BMW Museum. Educational programmes were developed on the topics of mobility, design, sustainability and global awareness, the number of workshops was increased, two experience centres were redesigned and brought up to date, and the programme of events was revised. First and foremost, the mega trend of digitalisation was updated, two innovative workshops were prepared and implemented. The interactive rooms used for the junior programmes not only echo the sound of self-constructed power-driven cars but numerous different types of robots too. The programming workshop is now not only home to youngsters building self-driving vehicles as well as movement patterns being coded. In the “Creative Workshop – film action”, participants are able to turn into researchers of the future and create their very own stop motion film using a tablet and green screen function. They get to know the current major trends and develop their own ideas concerning questions on the future, such as “what will my route to school be like in the future”

Wissenswelten Management GmbH has also been commissioned to run the junior programmes. A qualified team of 20 staff members with an educational background are on hand at the workshops and special events, making children’s eyes light up. The percentage of recommendations for the workshops among teachers and parents is virtually 100%. Capacity utilisation in the BMW Museum rose by 60%. Nowadays, the BMW Junior Workshops attract around 20,000 participants every year. Even the events attracted a huge number of visitors. At the major events such as “BMW Employee Day” or Family Sunday at Easter, 15,000 to 20,000 visitors come to the BMW World and BMW Museum.